...I am mentally and physically stronger..."


"Being a professional female body builder for over 4 years, I have seen many therapists and chiropractors during my career for recovery and maintenance. I didn't know how much I could improve until I started seeing Dr. Odunuga. I visit regularly for adjustments and a.r.t. With his knowledge and experience, I am always able to train my best. As a patient of Dr. Odunuga, I am mentally and physically stronger than ever."

Latorya Watts, 2016 2X Figure Olympia Champion

"...the results are instantaneous!"


"Everytime my back goes out or I feel the start of an injury, I rely on Dr. Odunuga to get me fixed up and back in action with minimal downtime. With a holistic approach that includes chiropractic manipulation, ultrasound, infra-red, and massage, the results are instantaneous!"

Eve Dawes, Mrs. Nevada 2017

"...able to reach new records..."


"With the assistance of Dr. O, I am able to reach new personal records every competition!"

Melissa Koepke, Team Regional Crossfit Qualifier

"Thank you for keeping my family healthy!"


"As a holistically mined mom, I've been a longtime advocate for chiropractic care. Dr. O. is very knowledgeable about how to properly adjust each patient. My son and I love to see Dr. O. for adjustments weekly to optimize our health. This makes a huge difference in how our bodies function and feel. Thank you HALO Chiropractic for keeping my family healthy!"

Lacey Burbage

"...keeps my performance at top competing condition!"


"The unique set of skills that Dr. O. possesses keeps my performance at top competing condition"

Daniel Robinson, New England Patriots 2007

"Dr. O. is not only an amazing chiropractor..."


"Dr. Odunuga is not only an amazing chiropractor, he's an amazing person more concerned with a person's health than anything else."

Patrick & Phylecia Wood